“In my lens” EP

1) (double exposure) intro

2) In my lens

3) soft focus

4) zoom out

5) changed @ once

6. memory card


ZOOM OUT- single artwork

zoom-out-art.gifWARIK’S TAPE

i made wariks tape over winter/spring of 2016 and put it out to my friends and since it’s release i am glad to see it has led me to make even more! fun songs 4 good times for sure but some are a little serious but this tape was mostly for fun.

Buy a tape!

fun fact my fav song from the tape is tv shows ;^)


 Live From RadioK playlist

Warik band plays some select hit for RadioK and more from this session to come!

changed @ once

more of a serious track because sometimes the fun times gotta end and we all need to be tuff sometimes and face adversity and opposition head on so you can move on n find peace!

there’s more music if you just keep diggin’ on the ‘cloud